You and Me: Service and Solidary Learning Program

Educative project aimed to link different subjects knowledges into a real-practice project within the student’s environment

The project was coordinated by the Secondary School of Fisterra (A Coruña). Gingko collaborated on the design and facilitation of audiovisual training, using Participatory Video Methodology, where we promote dialogue and team-work abilities.

Classroom was splitted in five groups, each one of them worked on a topic chosen by themselves. Then, we developed a campaign to divulgate and give visibility to the topic.  Whole process and results were published in this post.

Program Introduction

Let the things stay nice



Fisterra donates

What is bullying?

Tutoría entre iguais

  • Cybermentors won the Prize to the Best School Project in 2016 given by the Barrié Foundation.
  • Video “Cybermentors, step back bullying, fancy Internet” won the first prize of 2016 “Challenging Bullying at the Schools” award held by Arela Association.
  • Fisterra Donates, was awarded by the Regional Health Department as the best campaign for blood donation in 2016.
Project details

Date: 2015/16 Course
Duration: We took part on six workshops 4h duration each one.
Work Areas: Citizenship, Diversity, Media Literacy, Soft Skills