Booktrailers Workshop

The main objective of this activity is to foster audiovisual narratives to promote reading among Primary Education students, by using digital tools to tell stories, reinterpreting them and creating their own messages.

As a result of it, the students film and edit booktrailers in order to disseminate them and to get more people to feel an interest in reading.

The workshop takes place for 5h in each center. Part of this time can be dedicated to provide specific support for the teachers in order to reinforce their technical skills in audiovisual writing, recording and/or video editing, with the aim that they can use these tools autonomously..

This activity is promoted by the Department of Education of the Xunta de Galicia through the Network of School Libraries. It is part of the Creative Libraries Program and the Volunteer-A Awards, which recognize the best experiences of the course in libraries of public primary schools.

Project details

Date: 2016-2022
Addressed to: students age 10-12
Duration: 2h
Where: School Libraries