Women & the Sea

Training and follow-up in the design and production of a photographic and audiovisual exhibition at the IES Johan Carballeira de Bueu.

Within the framework of a Plan Proxecta, we started from the scenario in which we move, Bueu, a town with a tradition and maritime heritage, to design a project around women and job linked to the sea. In coordination with students and teachers, we developed a cooperative and interdisciplinary project based on equal rights and the conquest of equal spaces for men and women.

In this context, the Audiovisual Culture subject group received a series of training sessions and support to devise, define and produce the contents of the video-photographic exhibition “Mujeres y Mar”. The exhibition was exhibited for the first time at the Casa del Mar de Bueu in May 2022 and consists of a series of photographic portraits and interviews with eight local women whose lives are linked to the sea.

As a complement to this activity, a didactic unit aimed at secondary school students was prepared. In this unit the materials produced in the exhibition are used to guide a session in which the role of women in the sea jobs are highlighted.

Project Details

Date: February - April 2022
Duration: 3 months
Work Areas: audiovisual, photography, equality, scientific culture, education.