Digital Media Kit

The digital media kit is a website compelling experiences, challenges and resources to expand new cultural and activist practices through media innovation, especially within educative environment and cultural centres.

The Digital Media Kit is promoted by Coruña Dixital, the local program of culture and knowledge of A Coruña Council, aimed to be a guide where sharing experiences and resources to carry out new cultural, activist and educational practices through audiovisual and digital innovation, as well as promoting those professionals working in this area in Galicia

It is addressed to educators, social & cultural workers and activists with the intention to provide the tools in order to be able to undertake projects with media creation as a core learning approach and innovative digital creation as an axis of the process. The kit is fully shared in a website with an downloadable pdf available.

Media Kit was coordinated by  Sergio Lago and elaborated by Gingko & La Mujer Forzuda.

Project Details

Date: Autumn 2017 - Spring 2018
Duration: 6 Months
Work Areas: education, digital storytelling, media, social participation, creativity, culture, participatory video, patrimony.