Intercultural knots through ICT

“Intercultural knots through ICT” is a project of the Esplai Foundation to work on values ​​such as interculturality, coexistence, training and global citizenship.

One of the activities of this project consisted in the elaboration of a series of online learning units aimed at migrants on topics such as: basic and advanced digital literacy, improvement of employability, spanish language, functioning and values ​​of the society of reception, e-administration, communication, etc.

With the support of Provivienda, in 2020-21 three of these units have been produced and include interactive videos, tutorials and different learning activities. These modules, which arose to adapt to the context derived from Covid-19, are designed to be carried out online independently, with accompaniment or to support face-to-face training.

Project Details

Date 2020/21
Addressed to: Migrants
Duration: 3 e-learning units
Where: Esplai Academy