Imagine that…

Participatory Video project within the 22º International Film Festival of Ourense addressed to the Centre for Minors A Carballeira.

“Imagine that….” is a social communication activity carried out through participatory video methodology. The initiative came from the  Festival Internacional de Cine de Ourense (OUFF)which in its 22º edition had, as one of its objectives, to bring out off the venues the activities and moving the festival into the city, to make the population involved into this cultural event.

The activity was addressed to the Center of Minors A Carballeira, which is part of the  regional care homes for youngsters; so that 15 participants aged 12-17 took part on this workshop to foster their participation, increase their self esteem and improve their groupal links.

As a result of the process, they created 4 short films starting by the sentence “Wonder what…” that were shown within the Festival, and also published a blog summarizing the day-a-day of the activity.

Project Details

Date: October 2017
Duration: 1 month
Work Areas: Participatory video, inclusion, creativity, film, audiovisual, participation