ICT for the well-being of the elderly

ICT for the well-being of the elderly is a project of “Esplai Compromised Citizenship Foundation” to help promote a dignified and independent life for people over 65 years of age in Galicia. Through digital literacy, the project wants to promote active aging that improves quality of life.

The program includes different training actions. At Gingko we facilitated synchronous online training for trainers and also developed a series of learning units on topics such as: how to work with ICT & elderly, medical care through the public health app or how to use a virtual assistant (Alexa).

These modules, which arose to adapt to the context derived from Covid-19, are designed to be carried out online independently, with accompaniment or to support face-to-face training and include interactive videos, tutorials and different learning activities. In addition to the units, we have produced a series of complementary toolkits.

Project Details

Date: 2020/21
Addressed to: Elderly population
Duration: 3 e-learning units
Where: Esplai Academy