Educative project aimed to work with values, responsible participation and critical thinking between secondary students.

EpDLAB works with 6 groups of secondary students in Galicia and two groups of students in El Salvador. We use ICT to create contents about human rights, equality and social justice. We want to reappropriate ICT tools and to find innovative solutions towards an inclusive communication, denounce inequality and promote a critical point of view on mass media contents.

In Gingko we design and facilitate the trainings and workshops in Galician schools and elaborate a yearly publication with the whole process and activities.

EpDLAB is coordinated by Agareso, with the support of  Cooperación Galega

Project details

Date: 2015/2017
Duration: 18 months
Work Areas: education, values, ICT, digital storytelling, participation, creativity media literacy, critical thinking, soft skills, communication.