En Rede

Workshops about design of multimedia content with gender perspective. The objective was the creation of a participatory awareness campaign for social media.

Thus, through the elaboration of this campaign we wanted the students to reflect on the changes that, both collectively and individually, we have to seek to fight against machism. Counting on collective knowledge as a methodological framework and with the message addressed to “I of the future” as a narrative plot, this project promoted reflection on how we could build an egalitarian society free of sexist violence since, projecting how they want their future, they also tell current society the changes they demand.

The script, recording and editing of the short films was carried out by the K12 students and the results were presented at the center. The posters were made based on the letters written by the students themselves and made part of an exhibition at the O Rosal Town Hall.

Also, specific training was carried out for teachers on ICT and gender equality in which the methodological and pedagogical framework of edu-communication was provided, as well as different ICT tools with which to work on gender equality in the classroom and examples of good practices.

Project Details

Date: autumn 2022
Addressed to: K12
Duration: 25h
Where: CPI Manuel Suárez Marquier