Digital Narratives Workshop

Course carried out at the NORMAL in A Coruña, linked to the Culture area of ​​the UDC as a university extension course.

The course was an introduction to contemporary digital narratives (memes, micro-videos, gifs …) and their creative possibilities for creating messages and campaigns. It was aimed at a general public with creative and cultural interests in using digital narratives as a tool for dissemination, awareness, activism, counter-discourse and/or education, whether in formal or non-formal contexts.

It was carried out entirely remotely, combining small units of e-learning media, including practical and interactive exercises, with a part of tutored practical work that included group sessions in virtual environments. The activity was carried out in collaboration with Bencuriosa.

Project Details

Date: Autumn 2020
Addressed to a: Universitary Students
Duration: 15h (online)
Where: A Coruña University