Digital Narratives for Communication Awareness Campaigning

Introductory course to contemporary digital narratives (memes, micro-videos, gifs …) and to experimentation with their creative possibilities to create messages and campaigns. It is aimed especially at people interested in using digital narratives as a tool for dissemination, awareness or activism in areas such as the promotion of heritage (tangible or intangible), language, environment, etc.

The course combined small units of online content, including practical and interactive exercises, with a part of tutored practical work, oriented from the first session to developing a communication action in groups. This training activity is part of the Itinerant Digital Laboratories program and is funded by the Provincial Council of A Coruña and was carried out in collaboration with Bencuriosa.

Project Details

When: march/april 2021
Addressed to: social & cultural activists
Duration: 16h (en liña)
Where: Itinerant Digital Laboratories