Audiovisual Workshop: Cóntame Ferrol

In autumn 2021, the Ferrol Council promoted the celebration of an audiovisual creation and digital mapping workshop around the memory (industrial, neighborhood and places) of Ferrol. Taking these themes as a common thread, the participants learned to make simple videos and to draw local history on a digital map.

The itineraries and points of interest were curated by the participants after a participatory research process. Digital contents were produced with the learning and experimentation process developed in the workshop. Within the framework of this itinerary, Gingko facilitated a 20-hour blended course on the development of audiovisual content with mobile devices.

The activity was carried out in collaboration with Bencuriosa.

Project Details

Date: Autumm 2021
Addressed to: social & cultural activists
Duration: 20h (blended learhing)
Where: Cóntame Ferrol