LAV014 Learn, Create and Struggle

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We spent the weekend in a rural area where we could enjoy the best of the Ulla’s Valley. An unforgettable experience we could enjoy for the second time thanks to Asociación Senunpeso. Because participating in the LAV (Audiovisual Laboratory of Vedra) it’s a pleasure as it means a place to meet, talk, move and build projects.

Seunpeso gathers, every year, more than 200 people around audiovisual workshops and showings. Ou workshop, “Guerrilla Video”, was an scenario for discussion, debate and action about communication, awareness, community and social development, among many other things. The participants put over the table interests, emotions, sense of humour and debate. As a result of this 14 hours working together, we filmed and edited four short-videos talking about education rural-schools, utopia and reality.

All in all, we believe that energy is constantly moving and transforming, because its a common good. That why we hope there will be LAV for a long time, to continue creating, moving, building.

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