In Gingko we work in communication and education, because we think that one cannot exist without the other; because learning communities are communicational contexts and these are, at the same time, educational environments. Our job focuses on facilitating the links between them, giving support to participatory methodologies for social innovation.


Audiovisual production & Filmmaking: production of video contents and development of audiovisual projects focused on social communication and cultural promotion.


Training activities on audiovisual techniques and storytelling, applied to educational innovation, social participation and development: courses, workshops and programs.

Social participation

Designing and implementation of processes of participation, social inclusion and citizenship.

Latest works

Other projects in which we

We understand collaboration as the way to construct utopias, thus we work on projects of social communication aiming to facilitate the creation of commonly shared experiences

We are...

Professionals of audiovisual communication and education for participation, collective creation and social change.

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7 learnings that we have brought from Mediafrica
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Next week we are flying to Budapest where we will gather to evaluate and think about next steps of Mediafrica,…

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Imagine that… Participatory Video, Inclusion & Movies
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When we had the first meeting with Ourense International Film Festival and they told us what they wanted to do…

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UN DÍA PERFECTO: Vídeo Participativo en el IES Johan Carballeira
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We carried out this Participatory Video (PV) activity in the Professional Training School Johan Carballeira in Galicia as a tool…

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